About the Book

tftsos-cover To Feel the Song of Seasons chronicles the existential relationship between feelings felt and love lived. It is an enlightening visit into a definition of romantic love as seen through words. The verse, poetry, and letters tell the poetic story of love found, love lost, and love searched for. Human feelings are displayed in a way that captivates the imagination of the reader until imagery replaces the words; then feelings replace the imagery, as its message becomes a personal message. As you read, you will come to understand the source of your feelings, and you will smile with knowing.

The display of love as written will surely find a home in your memory and you will want to revisit selected words often in your thoughts. As you do you will come to discover the author’s cadence more precisely. A cadence that will lead you to cherished feelings again and again until you fully understand yourself in love.

Have you lost a love and lost yourself in in the deepest feelings of its loss? Have you found a new love and do you search for understanding of the feeling? Romantic love is elusive to all, yet when found once it is sought foreverafter even in the face of its obvious presence. Have you told your love, have you lived it in a way that has permanent meaningfulness to you both? Have you confessed to yourself that love found, love sought for, and yes, even love lost do all possess immeasurable value? Romantic love's impact on one's being is fluid in its presence and effect, read To Feel the Song of Seasons(click here), and you will gain understanding. Give the book and your presence in love will be the substance that binds you to a meaningful future for you and all you impact.

To Feel The Song of Seasons is written for those who have known romantic love, and for those who have come to understand that the knowledge of the need for romantic love is unique to man.